Jake Mastar

Every day for 10 years I would wake up, clock in at the corporation I relied on to pay the bills, and lose a small piece of my soul. I always knew that this job was making me miserable and that and I was meant for something greater. Four years ago I started animating -  something he had always dreamed of doing since the 4th grade. I fell in love. I would stay up until 3am animating and wake up at 7am to go to the office. In the summer of 2016, I took the plunge and quit my soul sucking, corporate job. I started a YouTube channel where he could present animations to the world. Fans were drawn to the stories and direction that I had created and craved more. I created a 9-part web series called Goku vs Saitama, which turned into a sequel series, Anime War, which has 10 full-length animated episodes.


I am excited to bring his own original animated series, Demon Rush, into the world to be viewed by millions. It is a life-dream project that is currently in production and something I am incredibly proud of!

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YouTube Channel: Mastar Media

Subscribers: 2,000,000

Channel Views: 500,000,000

Number of Videos: 600

Twitter Followers: 12k

Facebook Followers: 30k

Instagram Followers: 10k

Patrons: 160

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My Animation Tablet (XPPen 22e Pro)