For eons, the forces of Heaven and Hell have engaged in an apocalyptic war. Different ranks of warrior-angels and demons battled, hidden from humanity. These warriors wielded the power of imperium, which are fragments of God's energy. In the beginning there were 1,000 angels, led by one of the four Archs, Michael. Another Arch, Lucifer, who was cast from the heavens, raises his army of demons in hell. Throughout humanity, as populations rose and wars ensued, Lucifer's army of demons grew in strength and numbers. After several cataclysmic battles, the Angels began to fall.


Demons hold an advantage over angels: they can be re-created from corrupted deceased human souls. As such, Lucifer began gaining more and more ground, until only eight angels remain. Given the circumstances, Hell is seen as the inevitable victor. Without the Angels, humanity will be overrun by the demon legion, and the rapture will overtake the Earth. As the strength of Luficer increases, he is temporarily able to open portals to hell, in which he can flood the demonic legion into Earth. 


During the great ancient war, a hero arose among the humans, one with wings who wielded a great magical sword infused with imperium. He was known as Anzeleous, the last remaining Templar. Templars are those humans who are able to wield the power of angels. In an incredible battle, he succeeded in defeating the army of evil and closed the portal to hell. All was at peace for 1,000 years.


In present day, scattered hell portals begin to open on Earth at an alarming rate. Humanity is introduced to terrifying monstrosities for which they are completely unprepared. But a hero with long red hair, green eyes, and a white cloak emerges. His name is Soren, and he is Earth's last hope. As there are only 8 Angels remaining, the holy army doesn't have the strength to combat in another great war. Soren must train and learn the ways of imperium, and stop Rush, his friend, and the Antichrist, at all costs.